Isidore is a secure intranet facility for the Diocese of Manchester. It is a website for clergy, PCC secretaries, treasurers and wardens that will provide access to information and the ability to communicate with one another through forums and messages.

Isidore is a communications tool and online directory for over 1,800 people who are active in the diocese. It will be available to church officers you would expect to find listed in the printed Directory. Everyone who has an email address recorded with us will be eligible to use Isidore, and will receive a username and password by email to enable them to log in to the secure system.

We hope Isidore will revolutionise the way we communicate with one another across the diocese.

What is Isidore for?

Isidore enables you to:

  • View key information that is held about you on the diocesan database. You can see the jobs you do, your address and other contact details. In addition, clergy can view their biography.
  • Communicate changes in personal details such as email address and telephone number to the diocese.
  • Search for other members and communicate with them by email, internal Isidore message and through dedicated forums.
  • Access web pages specific to the office(s) you hold.

How to log in

You will receive an email from Isidore to the email address we have recorded for you. It will contain your unique username and password.

Visit to log in.

Download Isidore user guide.

Why is it called Isidore?

St Isidore of Seville (c.560 - 636) is the Patron Saint of internet users. As bishop of Seville he was the first Christian writer to compile a summary of universal knowledge. His encyclopedia, the "Etymologiae", epitomized all learning, ancient and modern, and had a structure similar to that of a database. Visit to find out more.