Magazine Advice

If you would like a quick guide to improving publications such as newsletters, magazines and pew sheetsthen have a look at the document below.

The attached document includes advice on page layout, covers and how to use photos. Download here (1.2 Mb presentation).

Download sample Parish Newsletter and Pew Sheet Publisher files.

The Parish Pump website offers cartoons, articles, illustrations, children’s pages, humour, quotes, poems and puzzles suitable for church magazines. It contains a free downloadable booklet with hints and tips on how to make the most of your church magazine. Click here to download the booklet.

The Association for Church Editors sets out to provide inspiration, motivation and practical help for editors of church magazines and newsletters, many of whom work on their own and are always working to deadlines. 

For an annual membership of £10, the ACE will enable you to share ideas through an Ideas Forum with items suitable for church magazines, including articles, fillers, tips, straplines and events.

Local groups also meet periodically to enable editors to compare their magazines and pick up ideas. Visit for details.