Church for a different world

Bishop David is leading a conversation across the diocese on how the Church can better make its message of God’s love heard. Recognising that the modern world is a noisy place in which it can be difficult to get noticed, he is challenging his Church to become ‘Church for a different world’.

The vision of the Diocese of Manchester is to be a worshipping, growing and transforming Christian presence at the heart of every community. Its core message of faith, hope and love is as relevant today as it’s ever been. But Bishop David asks the question: “How do we need to change to make the Church of today be the Church of tomorrow?”

Bishop David has taken his message to a series of roadshows across the diocese to get the conversation started. 

Listen to his presentation here.

Resources for churches

Now that Church for a different world has launched, we are providing tools to help churches have the conversation in their community. Resources are available here to support you. 

Pocket Guide

A copy of the Pocket Guide is available for every church member. It outlines the diocesan vision and the opportunities to become Church for a different world.

Copies were given out at the roadshows and additional copies can be requested by emailing differentworld@
or downloading an electronic copy below. 


Pocket Guide (4Mb)



Fit for Mission presentation

Bishop David's Fit for Mission presentation to the four Archdeaconry Roadshows is available to download.







Sermon notes

A sermon on Church for a different world could be used when you hand out copies of the Pocket Guide to your congregation.

Sermon notes.








Blank, branded posters are being sent to each parish in the parish mailing. You can download copies here for printing in-house. 

hands poster                                                                                    billboard poster