How to get a Faculty

A faculty is normally needed for all repairs, alterations and additions (including disposals and other transactions) to churches and churchyards, their contents, and land belonging to churches. In this context: “church” includes all parish and consecrated churches and some other churches and places of worship, as well as some other Church property; “churchyards” includes all consecrated burial grounds other than those owned by local authorities. If there is any doubt as to whether a faculty is needed, you should consult the Diocesan Registrar before starting the work.

The Archdeacon is requested to issue the Faculty at the request of the Registrar following receipt of the DAC Certificate, Public Notice and Petition.

For further information on the procedure for obtaining your faculty and the consultation process required, download How to get your Faculty.

Download Application for Advice Form

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New for 2014

The Faculty process is a necessary safeguard to ensure that alterations and repairs to our church buildings are of the highest quality and that important contents are preserved.

New rules came into effect on 1 January 2014. They will apply from that date to all cases where a faculty petition has not already been submitted in respect of the works or other proposals in question. The majority of the changes relate directly to the administrative process itself – a significant new aspect of the rules is the requirement to submit a standard information form (Form 1A in most cases) which will be kept on permanent file, therefore applicants will not have to submit this information for every application.

See the Important Changes leaflet or contact the DAC Secretary for assistance. 

Form 1A Standard Information 
Form 3A Petition  
Form 15 Trees

Visit for details of the new rules.