Admission of Children to Communion

Admission of Children to Communion Before Confirmation

Manchester was one of the first dioceses in the country to promote the admission of children to Communion before Confirmation and there are now over a hundred parishes in the diocese which have the bishop's permission to admit children to Communion under this procedure.

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Click here for Regulations in Canon Law regarding Admission of Baptised Children to Holy Communion.

Click here for Common Worship: Christian Initiation, which provides a liturgy for Admission of the Baptised to Holy Communion. 

Click here for additional Eucharistic Prayers suitable for use on occasions when a significant number of children are present or when it is otherwise pastorally appropriate to meet the needs of children present.


Research Document

Growing Disciples: Welcoming baptized children to Holy Communion


© Diocese of Manchester 2015

Researcher and report author:
The Revd Dr Steve Dixon


Beyond the theological argument that baptism, not confirmation is the entry to communion, the consideration of admitting baptized children to communion before confirmation (‘admission’) has tended to focus on the effect the practice might have on retaining children in the church. But is this the only issue? What about the effects on the wider church community? There is little published material detailing what such effects might be and so the Education Department of the Diocese of Manchester – a pioneer diocese, involved in the practice for over 30 years – undertook research into this area.


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