Good Practice Handbook

Children’s Ministry Good Practice Handbook

Guidance on good practice in children’s ministry can be found in several places – in the Child Friendly Church criteria, the Bishop’s Certificate in Children’s Ministry material, the diocesan Safeguarding Children document – but now essential elements from all these sources have been collected to help you create one concise handbook for distribution to your children’s ministry team.

Good Practice Handbook (suitable for A4 printing) 

Customise the Handbook for your church

The Handbook is a template. Several pages require ‘customising’ for each individual church to be able to own and use it. All the pages are available here in customizable format (but note that pages 4, 5, 8-10 and 12-14 – which are taken from Safeguarding Children – should not be amended in ways that contradict diocesan Child Protection policy):  

Vision Statement  
Volunteer Agreement Form 
Authorisation Record
Church House Resources 
Commissioning and Review 
Good Practice Guidelines 
How to respond to a report of abuse 
What is child abuse? 
Risk assessment 
Our Church Resources 
Policy Statement 
Emergency Information 

You are encouraged to issue each of your children’s ministry workers with a guide from your church outlining the good practice they are expected to adopt. Basing such a guide on the downloadable template will ensure that key issues are covered, and also give your team a sense of the breadth, richness and importance of its work.