Organisations with links to the Church of England

The Children’s Society  
A children’s charity that helps children of all faiths and none, including children at risk on the streets, disabled children, young refugees, young carers or those within the youth justice system. The website gives details of campaigns, reports and initiatives such as Christingle.

Church of England Christenings website

A ‘one stop shop’ where parents, godparents and guests can find all they need to know about choosing, planning and attending the baptism of a child at a Church of England christening.

Church of England website  
The National Church of England website. When you get there, put ‘children’ into the site search and see what’s there. 

Church House Bookshop  
Online shopping, bestseller lists and book of the month. 

Church Lads’ and Church Girls’ Brigade  
Young people and children enjoy fun, faith and fellowship through the Brigade and are better equipped to cope with the demands that society places upon them. Young people are encouraged to explore their spirituality and respond to the Christian faith, and to develop their moral values and a respect for the environment.

For information about the Brigade in Manchester Diocese, click here.

Going for Growth  
This website provides a wealth of resources and links to support the Church of England’s national policy so that children and young people have the opportunity to grow in faith, knowledge, understanding, discipleship and service. 

Learn to Listen
This site offers a wide variety of resources, ideas, suggestions and practical advice to help parishes take the first steps towards listening to the children and young people in their church community and beyond.

National Society  
The National Society exists ‘for the promotion, encouragement and support of religious education in accordance with the principles of the Church of England’.

Worship Workshop  
Worship Workshop is a project created by the National Society, The Royal School of Church Music (RSCM) and the Liturgical Commission. It aims to empower and enrich the practice of worship in our schools.

Other useful links

Baker Ross
Craft supplies and ideas for activities; prepared craft kits.

Bible Reading Fellowship
Bible Reading Fellowship produces resources and organises training and events.

Churches' Child Protection Advisory Service 
An organisation that produces resources on Child Protection issues, delivers training and offers advice.

Children at Worship: Congregations in Bloom
Caroline Fairless’s site - ‘Children at Worship: Congregations in Bloom’. Caroline has developed some innovative and influential worship approaches in her ministry.

Children's Ministry
Online bookshop - visitors can write reviews on Children’s Ministry products.

Children are Unbeatable! Alliance  
The website of the campaign for equal protection from violence for children. 

Christian Aid
Plenty of material and information to use with young people in church and in school. Always remember to have a look at Christian Aid Week resources.

CORE training package 
An ecumenical resource which gives training in ‘core skills’ for children’s workers. If you want to run a course - contact Steve (0161 828 1433) for details.

Church Pastoral Aid Society 
CPAS is an Anglican evangelical mission agency working with churches, mainly in the UK and Republic of Ireland. We enable churches to help every person hear and discover the good news of Jesus Christ through developing effective leaders at all levels in churches.

Children in URBan Situations 
CURBS = Children in URBan Situations - a project producing resources out of the experience of working with inner city children. The emphasis is on working with unchurched children in a lively, child-centred way.

Early Education
This site has loads of stuff about under fives - and it is also offering a range of leaflets on how babies and toddlers develop and learn; one on helping children with their behaviour and one on handling under fives questions.

Ecclesiastical Group Insurance 
Information on Visits and Trips, Bonfires and Firework Displays, Bouncy Castles and Play Inflatables, etc. There are also contacts for further information, and the information is up-to-date and will be kept this way.

Godly Play 
The official site of ‘Godly Play’ - the innovatory, approach to using stories from the Christian tradition with children. Stories are ‘played’ out using artefacts, and an imaginative, personal, open-ended response from the children is facilitated.

Hi Kidz Cyber Club
A joint initiative including SU, Kingsway, CPAS, Viz-A-Viz, BRF and many more. Includes activities, Bible stories, games, music, videos, competitions, opinion polls, reviews, discussion/bulletin boards, FAQs on lifestyle, ‘agony aunt’, children’s prayer, family section and more.

Journal of Childhood and Religion  
This free, electronic journal offers access to scholarship on a wide range of topics relating to children and religion, and reviews of key books. Articles are available from many leading international writers in children’s ministry.

Local Church Schools  
Collaboration by a number of organizations (inc. BRF, The Stapleford Centre, The Girls' Brigade, Viz a Viz and Scripture Union) providing suggestions on how churches can engage with primary schools.

Messy Church  
‘Messy Church’ is an umbrella term for activity based, innovative, multi-generational expressions of church. The website gives practical examples of this ‘Fresh Expression’ from around the country.

Open The Book  
Information, resources and training about this initiative that equips parishes to present bible stories in a lively and engaging way during school acts of worship.

Pop UK 
A successor to Pop Connection which several local churches and schools have worked with over the years. The PopUK team offer a five-day project in which they work in school teaching and recording seven songs, based on human values such as justice and hope. The children then perform these in the local church.

Positive Parenting
Information about ‘Positive Parenting’s resources, training and other activities on parenting issues.

Roots on the Web
A website supporting the ‘Roots’ resource magazine for children’s work. Subscribers to the magazine receive a password giving access to extra sections of this site.

Scripture Union
All the information you need on the activities, publications, other resources and events run by Scripture Union.

St Deny's Bookshop
Site of St Denys Bookshop, Manchester - a Christian bookshop that stocks a wide range of children’s work materials.

Resources for Christian Teachers
Christian Teacher's Resource aimed at day-school teachers in the States. But there are links to such things as costumes for biblical drama, music, behaviour management, worksheets & colouring sheets, quizzes, printable alphabets for notice boards, printable calendars to highlight events during the year, lots of Sunday school material.

Through the Roof 
A Christian disability organisation working to change attitudes in churches and society towards disabled people and disability

This is the website for the Ventures holidays run by CPAS. Every year about 100 holidays are run for around 5000 children and young people between 8 and 18 during which they live and worship with other Christians and seek to know Jesus better.