Child Friendly Church

The Child Friendly Church Award is a scheme that is being taken up by an increasing number of dioceses across the country. Any church which meets the criteria for receiving the Award is given a Child Friendly Church logo to display on its notice board. The intention is that families visiting or moving to a new area and looking for a church that would welcome their children will be attracted by the logo.

St Katharine's Blackrod was the first church in the dicoese to receive the award.

St Katharine's Blackrod was the first church in Manchester Diocese to receive the award. Find out more.

In order that there can be consistency across the country, each participating diocese has adopted a similar set of criteria for giving the Award. In this way, visitors seeing the Child Friendly logo on a church noticeboard should be assured of a standard of quality in the value placed on children there.

Download the complete Child Friendly Church Award pack. The criteria headings and the process for gaining an award are summarised below.

Any parish wishing to work towards the Award should contact Manchester Diocesan Children’s Worker Officer, Karen Beal.

Child Friendly Church - summary of criteria

1. A parish Child Protection policy is in place and being implemented
2. The church buildings offer a safe environment
3. On-going training and support for leaders is in place
4. Nurture groups are provided for children and young people
5. There are opportunities for children to engage in the worship of the church
6. Suitable provision is made for under 5s
7. Children and young people are seen as equal members of the church community
8. There are outreach opportunities.

Process for gaining the Child Friendly Church award

• Pack requested and sent out
• Church Council considers the criteria and decides to register
• Self-assessment process undertaken
• Form returned to Diocesan Children’s Officer
• Children’s Officer visits
• Children’s Officer and church representatives agree an action plan as necessary
• Action plan implemented
• Children’s Officer seeks evidence in support of final self-assessment
• Presentation of award in form of dated certificate and logo to display
• Church annual review of criteria
• Diocesan follow-up and re-award after three years.