Level 2: Core Skills

Core Skills is an ongoing part of our training provision. It is a series of six sessions that will be repeated regularly at different venues around the diocese as part of a rolling programme.

Participants who attend all six sessions, collect their notes and handouts into a portfolio, and produce brief reflections on each session will receive a Core Skills Certificate, and also the Bishop’s Certificate in Children’s Ministry, Level 2.

Check the Events page for details of current sessions and training venues.

Course content

Core Skills covers the following types of topics. With a mixture of leader input and group discussion and activities, we hope participants will begin to find answers to most of the questions they face in a positive and supportive atmosphere.

SESSION 1: Child development
• How children develop – physically, emotionally, intellectually, socially, morally and spiritually.

• The different ways people learn.

• Our own experience and faith and how this might affect the way we work with children.

• Theories of human development.

SESSION 2: Working as a Team 
• Looking at our skills and gifts and how we’d like to develop as children’s workers.

• Who supports us in what we do with children in the church and who provides resources and new ideas.

• Ways of thinking about the things we do in the children’s group, working out how they’ve gone and deciding if anything needs changing.

SESSION 3: Programme planning
• Planning activities to suit the different ways that different children learn.

• Making up our own activities as well as using published resources.

• Thinking about the different needs of our children when we decide what activities to do and how to do them.

• Remembering how sessions have gone in the past when we are deciding what new activities to provide. 

SESSION 4: Children and community

• New and different ways of including children in the life of the church.

• Developing a ‘vision for children in our church’ and trying to promote it.

• Working out what facilities there are for children in the neighbourhood and what special things our churches could offer them.

• Finding ways of involving our children in the mission and ministry of our churches.

SESSION 5: Pastoral awareness

• Checking on knowledge of child protection procedures, health and safety policies, and other ways of keeping children safe in our churches.

• How the adults in our groups use their authority, and how power can sometimes be misused.

• Different positive ways of dealing with difficult behaviour

• How to be a good listener and be supportive to children when they have difficult situations to deal with.

SESSION 6: The Bible and Prayer
• Thinking about what the words ‘spirituality’ and ‘faith’ mean to us.

• Helping children use the Bible in spiritual and prayerful activities.

• Finding opportunities for different kinds of spiritual experiences in our own lives.

• Different styles of prayer that people can use in church, in small groups and on their own.