Useful Resources


11-14s Communion Service, ‘Who Do You Think You Are?'

An interactive communion service is available as an online resource pack for you to download and use in your parish. The interactive aspect of the service comes from four stations (packs A-D) covering four different aspects of identity and the world around us. These can be prepared and placed in different parts of your building or the room you’re using for the event.




 The pack includes:

Cover letter
Presidential text
Pack A
Pack A Appendix 1d
Pack B
Pack C
Pack C Appendix 3b
Pack D
Powerpoint presentation

Mr Potato Head game and cards

This resource can be used for your youth event, service, or group. It includes a Mr Potato Head game for an opener and cards for use during a reflective section of your event. These can provide a starting point from which to build your event around. 

Click to download





Resources for Youth Workers

A helpful list of books and guidelines, programme ideas and resources, school resources, including assemblies and lesson plans. Compiled by Manchester Diocese. Click to download

Top Ten Youth Work Games

Alex Ewing's top ten! Download here.

Church House resources

For the first time, a complete list of all youth resources available in the library at Church House. Download Excel spreadsheet of resources. Contact the Youth Officer if you want to loan any items.

Curriculum resources 

Curriculum resources is a guide to some of the resources that are available from Church House. For each resource it indicates the format (book, web, DVD, etc) and what type of group or area of work it is suitable for.

DVD resources 

This document reviews DVDs that are suitable for youth work. Many are available from Church House. If you are using film or TV clips you should acquire a licence to comply with copyright laws. Visit for more information and licence options. 

Games and activities 

Use these giant versions of classic games for icebreakers, fun or talk illustrations. Download our reviews.

Trips and residentials 

Taking a group of young people away for a weekend or longer can be a great way to develop friendships. These documents will help you to think about the issues involved in planning a residential and find a suitable venue for your trip.

NorthWest Residential Guide - a handy guide for all who work with young people
Planning a residential

Residential centre directory

See also Practicalities and planning for consent forms and risk assessment.