In addition to diocesan events that are listed on the Events page, individual, tailored training sessions are available according to the particular needs of your parish. To book a session or to discuss other possibilities for training, contact the Youth Officer. 

Individual sessions include:

Youth People and Worship With reportedly thousands of young people leaving the church, youth worship and post-modern church are hot issues. This session will look at worship styles that can appeal to young people, examples of models of creative worship services that are in operation and practical hints and tips in setting up a youth worship service.

Young People as Leaders
Young people need to be at the heart of the church’s life, mission and ministry. This workshop will look at practical ways of helping young people to take their place in leadership.

Young People and Mission
The role that young people can play alongside others in mission and evangelism amongst their peers is widely recognised. A seminar looking at how to equip young people for this task.

Resourcing Youth Work
For churches who are thinking of employing someone to help develop their work with young people. This session will look at the implications of employing a worker, the recruitment process, drawing up a job description and writing a contract etc. There will also be a look at how best to support and manage the worker once they are in place.

Starting up a Youth Group A look into the issues likely to be faced when starting to work with young people. Recruiting leaders, making contact with teenagers, premises and practical activity ideas will all feature in this session and there will be an opportunity to ask questions and air any concerns.

Schools Work (1)
Local schools present an excellent environment for churches to serve their local community, assist in the provision of education and engage with young people. A seminar exploring these issues and looking at how the whole church can get involved.

Schools Work (2) The essential things that you need to know about practical work in schools including valuable hints and tips on taking assemblies and being involved in lessons. This seminar will also look at other practical ways to get involved and how simply just being there can have an impact.

Experience Counts You’re never too old to be involved. A seminar looking at how young people need relationships with older Christians and exploring some of the ways in which the over 50’s can make a major contribution to the church’s youth work.

Building relationships and mentoring young people
At the heart of good youth work is the formation of responsible and influential relationships with young people. This seminar will take a look at how to make contact with teenagers, how to work with them holistically and how to help young people work through issues that they often face.

Practical ideas and resources that engage young people Scratching your head for ideas? A host of practical ways of communicating with young people that will grab their attention and get them to think.

Child Protection Every year there is a diocesan training day on basic child protection for new children’s and youth work leaders. However it is also possible for parishes to request their own training session. This could serve as a ‘refresher’ for those who have already undergone training or an introduction to the issues, for those who are waiting to go on the full training day. Material from the Diocesan Training Pack, ‘Security and Growth’ will be used.

Running a Residential
Taking your youth group away for a few days is a great way of giving young people memories and can transform your youth work. A session on all aspects of running a residential from, exciting programme ideas to safety issues and finding an appropriate venue.

Using Sport with Young People An opportunity to explore how sport can be a great way of making connections with young people. A practical look at the type of sporting activities that can be set up together with helpful hints and tips on how to run a sporting event that will appeal to young people.

Prayer Ideas for use with Young People
Stacks of creative ideas that can help young people to pray, and an opportunity to hear about prayer initiatives being set up by teenagers both nationally and closer to home.

Youth Culture
A delve into the lives of young people, the pressures, the influences and what seems to make them tick. Also a look at how such knowledge can help youth leaders and the rest of the church engage more effectively with young people.

Hard to Love
A look at how to reach out to young people who engage in antisocial behaviour and are often socially excluded. If you’ve got challenging teenagers in your area that you believe are valuable to God then this session may be of use to you.