Building on its success with Experience Easter and Experience Christmas, St Lawrence, Denton was one of the first churches in diocese to run with Experience Harvest.

In the course of a week, a group of volunteers welcomed 600 school children into the church building and took them on a voyage of discovery.

At each interactive station, a church member helped the children discover more about how the natural world provides rich harvests for everyone to enjoy. The children handled the harvest of fruit and vegetables from gardens; found out about those who risk great danger to harvest fish from the oceans; felt the wool from newly sheared sheep; saw the pottery made from the earth; and discovered how grain from ears of wheat is used to make our harvest loaf.

As well as experiencing the world's bounty through the senses, the children learnt about producing spiritual fruit, like humility, generosity, patience, joy and peace. Finally, there was an opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to God for his love shown to us through the harvest, by placing fruits on the Sukkah (thanksgiving station).

The children also took home with them a paper boat, a small item made of clay and a planted seed, just waiting to grow!