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 The Spirit of Life


The Spirit of Life website includes information to help people who may want to explore alternative forms of Christian spirituality, some ancient some quite contemporary.

The site covers the following; Rule of Life, Retreat, Community, Pilgrimage, Liberation, Meditation and Prayer, Taize, Celtic, New Age, Religious Orders, Personality, Spiritual Companionship.

The Bishop of Manchester's advisory group on prayer and spirituality advises on the content of this site.

Thursday Prayers

On the second Thursday of each month at midday, a short service, led by members of Mothers' Union, is held in Manchester Cathedral. This provides an opportunity for quiet reflection and worship. Everyone is welcome.

Click here for details of Mothers' Union prayer events.

New Monasticism

New monasticism' refers to a variety of approaches to forming intentional Christian community that draws inspiration from monastic traditions. These communities will include a stronger focus on community, patterns of prayer, contemplation, hospitality and practical engagement in mission.

Like traditional monasticism, a defining mark of new monastic groups is the 'second decision' (the vows) members must make to join. Unlike traditional monasticism, new monastic groups tend to have a dispersed life and they welcome married people. 

New Monasticism Network 
Fresh Expressions 
The Simple Way

Healing Ministry

For information on Healing Ministry, click here.

Quiet Days/Retreats

These provide an opportunity to spend a time away from the hustle and bustle of normal routines and to spend time in prayer and reflection.

For information on local retreat centres, click here.
For Mother's Union Quiet Days, click here.

LGBT Communion

Click here for details of the monthly communion service for LGBT people, their friends and supporters.

Interdiocesan Counselling Service

The service was set up at the request of the Bishops of the North West dioceses. It provides professional and confidential counselling for individuals, couples and colleagues; independent of the diocesan structures, but which has their support. Supervision of the counsellors' work is financed by grants from the diocesan bishops.

Click here for details.

Pray One for Me

A year-round campaign building on previous prayer-based Lent campaigns (Say One For Me). Pray One for Me and its accompanying Facebook page will offer people the opportunity to post prayer requests online. www.prayoneforme.org

Spiritual Companionship 

See www.thespiritoflife.org.uk/spiritual-companionship