The ‘Good Enough for God’ stewardship campaign, using a custom-made jigsaw as a central feature, has been part of the diocese for over two years, and many different churches have benefited significantly from running the initiative.


Two churches in the Bolton Archdeaconry reported increases of 30% and 50% in planned giving responses. They created calendars from the jigsaw template and sold them, and they had a good number of new volunteers. Overall they were ‘extremely pleased’.

In the Hulme deanery one church recorded an increase of 25% in planned giving and a notable increase in volunteers.

One church in the Deane deanery reported an increase of £7,000 in their planned giving, and a generally well-received campaign.

In the Oldham East deanery, a church reported a significant increase in planned giving responses, which came to more than had been received in planned giving AND plate collections in the previous year.

“A tremendous list of ‘time and talents’ offers, and pledges of an extra £5,000 in planned giving” was the outcome of a 2010 campaign in the Bury deanery.

Would you like to be the next church to run ‘Good Enough for God’?

The campaign invites your church members to look at what they are currently contributing in terms of time and money to enable the church to function, against what the church’s actual needs are.

It requires the involvement of the PCC but has been very well received for the relatively light work-load it asks of them, as well as avoiding the need for anyone to get involved in awkward or personal discussions with church members about their giving.

The attractive information pack, compiled by the PCC in conjunction with James and circulated during the campaign, has proved to be very successful and takes much of the ‘pressure’ associated with previous stewardship initiatives away.

The creation and use of a personalised jigsaw, which is the focal point during the campaign and provides a powerful visual tool of the life of the church, has been very popular. Several churches have developed variations on the theme, creating their own church mugs, placemats, etc. from the CD template which is created for them at Church House.

Churches are encouraged to plan a campaign carefully and James is available at every stage to offer advice and input on all aspects of this. He can be contacted at Church House on 0161 828 1474 or by email: