FAQs on Finance

The Stewardship Office has some new information cards in the style of ‘frequently asked questions’, answering some important financial issues.

Headed ‘I Want to Know’, the cards provide concise information about the realities of stipendiary clergy costs, the effects of inflation on church finances, Church Commissioner funding, and a ‘Giving Guide’, outlining a proportional approach to financial offerings based upon net income.

I Want to Know

Why Church Commissioners don't cover our costs

Why is church no longer 'free'?

Giving Guide - Where should I start? 

How much does a vicar cost?

Proportional giving has clear biblical roots, but what constitutes a ‘proportional’ sum can be unclear, so we hope the Giving Guide will help you work out what is appropriate in your circumstances.

Use the cards to get specific messages across. We hope they will be popular. If you have any suggestions for topics on future cards, please contact James Emmerson.




The cards have been adapted (with permission) from an idea used in Gloucester Diocese.