Healthy churches

Find a healthy church and you will find a church that has embraced the concept of stewardship.

Stewardship is so much more than an annual campaign, or a desperate appeal for funds. While every church needs to make specific appeals and run intentional programmes at certain times, many churches are recognising the value of having a more ‘ongoing’ approach to stewardship.

There are many ways of to achieve this. The Stewardship Officer is available to discuss with individual clergy or PCCs:

  • Developing teaching and preaching programmes
  • Becoming ‘money-positive’ 
  • Thinking ‘long-term’
  • Understanding the changing role of stipendiary clergy
  • Mission Partnerships and their possibilities
  • Using the whole range of diocesan resources available.

James can be contacted at Church House on 0161 828 1474 or by email: