Mission Action Planning

Mission Action Planning is as a process to help churches develop a clear strategy for progressing God’s plan. The new resources are designed to help churches at all levels – parishes, teams, deaneries – discern what God is calling them to be, and plan activities over months or years to achieve their vision.

A range of resources to help churches and deaneries develop their Mission Action Plans is now available to download below.

The new materials will help parishes and teams develop a Plan and more importantly see it through successfully. In many cases parishes are already doing this in some way or other. We all have much to learn from each other, and hopefully also to rejoice with each other in what God is doing.

As well as the PCC Guide, Parish Guide, Deanery Guide and Toolkit to help you develop your Mission Action Plan, there are real guides, people at Church House and in deaneries who can support you through the process.

For more information or help getting started with your parish MAP, please contact Revd Canon Andy Salmon 07436 532408 or Mike Chesterton, 07701 097062 or email map@manchester.anglican.org.










MAP Guide for Parishes








MAP Toolkit (Parish and Deanery use)

Tool 1a Parish Mission Action Plan Word template

Tool 5b Implementation Action Plan





MAP Guide for Deaneries

Deanery MAP template







Some of the graphics are available for you to use in presentations and documents. Right click on the image and select 'Save image as...' to download.

 MAP process





MAP header






The Steps












Some arrows!