Am I called?

What do I do if I think God may be calling me to some sort of ministry?

The first thing to do is to have a conversation with your minister, and/or with wise friends at church.

If you feel called to some sort of ministry in the church it will be with the minister’s support. Some areas of ministry are developed primarily at the local level, but for other ministries, the selection and the training are done through the diocese.

Others feel called to explore a different call, maybe to support local projects, to help at a night shelter, or a Sure-Start project, or a youth project run in the community. After all the call to be salt and light in the community means we should be out beyond the church walls, and where people meet the need is greatest.

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How do I 'choose' when there are so many needs?

First pray and seek God’s guidance and call on your life.

Second seek wisdom and advice from friends and others.

Sometimes the more 'glamorous' call feels more exciting, and the need for the mundane or basic tasks to be done is actually the real task that sets others free to do more.

Sometimes we feel we must do the church stuff, but volunteering and getting involved more widely is one of the ways in which the church community builds bridges with the wider community.

Just as (probably) our giving is shared between the church and other concerns, so our giving of time can be shared, some to church needs and some to the wider world.

I’m not sure I have much to offer

There are key gifts which are not dependent on age or even energy. All of us can pray for others. We can offer support, a listening ear and encouragement, just by taking an interest.

We can help find resources on the internet (if we have the resource and skill)
If we have some basic finance skills and ability to manage money, we can offer to assist as treasurer for a group.

Not all volunteering is formal or regularised. Communities are oiled by people communicating, relating, helping and laughing together. The more lonely and frail are included when others take an extra step, or make space.

The call to be salt and light is first and foremost about who we are and where we are, and only secondarily, about the gifts or skills we offer.