Thinking about shared or collaborative ministry?

The concept of collaborative ministry is based on the idea that all God's people are called to ministry by virtue of their baptism while at the same time recognising that the ordained have, and will continue to have, a particular role to play in the life of the Church.

How can our parish be accredited for collaborative ministry?

The first stage is for the incumbent to contact the Local Ministry Officer who will arrange for one of the Collaborative Ministry Team to come and do an initial visit to the PCC to explain about Authorised Lay Ministry, Ordained Local Ministry and collaborative ministry.

If, after the initial visit, the parish wishes to proceed further the PCC will then be asked to make a written statement (rather like a mini audit) answering questions about its ministry and about how it is ministering collaboratively in different areas of its work and exploring those areas where it might want to develop a ministry profile, e.g. for an Ordained Local Minister (OLM).

Following further discussion, a decision is made about whether the parish is ready for accreditation.

If the decision is favourable the PCC can then develop the Ministry profiles it has already identified and can begin to nominate one or more candidates whom it believes is called to exercise ordained ministry such as an OLM in the parish.

To find out more please contact Stephen Tranter.