Formal training for ministry (IME)

Reader training and ordination training in the diocese is now through All Saints Centre for Mission & Ministry. More details about the course can be found at


Ordinands and candidates for Reader ministry train alongside each other in weeknight centres across the north west, and in a mix of study days, residential weekends and an annual week-long school. The course integrates teaching and study with worship and fellowship and practical ministry in a variety of placements.

Manchester Diocese provides a Director of Studies and a pastoral tutor for each student with whom they have regular meetings.

Ministry training is an ongoing, life-long endeavour, and the diocese runs a programme for new curates through the extent of their curacy, and then a programme for First Incumbents for those who go on to become vicars. Likewise, new Readers continue training and in doing so complete the Foundation Degree programme.

Training is also provided for, and support given to, incumbents who act as training ministers whether for those in the years prior to licensing/ordination or in the initial years of authorised/ordained ministry.

For more information, contact Peter Reiss or Julia Babb.