Reader Ministry

Reader Ministry is at its core a ministry of preaching and teaching, though Readers are also licensed to lead worship, though they are not ordained, nor do they preside at Holy Communion. Over and above the preaching and teaching ministry, most Readers also have a wider ministry in the parish, and a part in the spiritual leadership of the parish.

Readers have been described as the 'Lay Theologians' of the Church. Their role as a 'bridge' between the church and the world gives them a unique ability to interpret the Gospel and to proclaim it in the world. Readers' traditional duties include preaching, teaching, and leading worship, assisting at the Eucharist, and pastoral work.

Your first enquiry about Reader ministry should be to your parish priest. At this stage, you may also want to speak to one of your archdeaconry chaplains.

Visit the Readers page in Resources for Ministers for details.