Coming up with a plan

Having a plan before you start will make your activity more successful. Plans don’t have to be long or complex - indeed the more concise and straightforward the plan the more likely people are to understand and stick to it.

Focused meetings are a really good way of developing your plans. Including as many people as possible means they will feel like the plans are theirs and they have a real interest in seeing them succeed.

You might want to ask the following questions to help develop your plan:

  • What good things do we want to keep or improve, or what not so good things do we want to reduce or change?
  • What resources - money, people, time and equipment - do we have already?
  • Who is involved and who else do we need to involve to make our ideas happen?
  • How would we like to do things that suit us and fit in with the other things we do?
  • When do we want to do things or finish an activity?
  • Where will the work or meetings take place that makes this happen?

If you want some help to work through these questions and move on to develop a full Parish Development Plan, contact Colin Barson, Parish Development Officer.