If you need help to secure grant funding, both internal and external, we are here to help.

  • Heather Ford, Heritage and Archdeaconry Resources Adviser. Advice on listed buildings and for internal and external grants in the Archdeaconries of Bolton and Salford.
  • Sue Heil, Resources Support Officer. General enquiries, advice on Open 4 Funding and payment of Diocesan Grants.

There are external and internal sources of grant aid available to parishes that enable us to provide a coordinated response to the development of parish mission and ministry across the diocese.

Parishes are advised to allow at least six months for their main applications to be written, accepted and approved. Forward planning is therefore crucial and work should be part of a well-formulated parish strategy.

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For details of all diocesan grants, and a wealth of useful information about external funding and how to make applications, look in the Diocesan Grants Handbook.

Training Opportunities

We run an extensive programme of training sessions. These are all fairly informal and all are welcome to attend, parishes often gather a small group and come together. All are welcome. If you feel that there is a gap in our training provision around grants and funding, please let us know. 


As well as the traditional fundraising that parishes do, diocesan and external grant funding is usually needed. The Diocese of Manchester has taken out a subscription to Open 4 Funding, enabling parishes and other local organisations to search a huge range of funding sources free of charge.

We run training sessions, where we take you through the first steps to successful fundraising. During these sessions we demonstrate how to use Open 4 Funding, which is available to all parishes free of charge.