Local issues

How can we find out about local issues?

We can help you find out more about your parish, perhaps as part of a new mission initiative.

Basic resources available to every parish include:

  • a map of your parish boundary
  • thematic maps based on the most recent Government Index of Multiple Deprivation
  • your parish "Spotlight” profile (a new resource from the Archbishops' Council).

We can help you to reflect on your profile, for example in a presentation to your PCC, or by exploring further any particular issues raised.

If you are interested in looking beyond parish statistics, we can assist you to identify and use other sources, such as Neighbourhood Statistics or local authority websites. This will focus on your priorities and interests.

If you are interested in gathering your own information, we are also available to help you develop the most appropriate parish or community profiling tools and skills.

Whatever your issue or project, we are here to help you access, interpret and use information that is relevant and useful to mission and ministry in your parish. To request your parish information or to discuss particular information requirements, please contact Alison Peacock.

What else is going on around here?

Having reflected upon the issues raised by your parish statistics, you may be interested in working with other agencies in your area. We can provide maps showing how your parish boundary relates to local authority or other administrative geographies, enabling you to identify the most relevant agency or person.

Check out the organizations already doing good work. Many existing service groups have identified community needs and have built the expertise to provide solutions, and there may already be an active volunteer group that you could join. A few phone calls or scanning a few websites can identify local groups and volunteer opportunities.