Manchester' diocesan link with the Diocese of Lahore focuses on friendship and encouragement. We pray for our brothers and sisters in Lahore as they deal with the threat of physical persecution and live as a minority in a Muslim country - and they pray for us too.

Pakistan has a population of 196 million. 96% are Muslim and 3% are of other faiths, including Christian and Hindu. The Diocese of Lahore was established in 1886 and became an archdiocese in 1994.

Our needs are different but we have a lot to learn from the flourishing churches in developing countries. The links benefit people and communities on both sides as we share and learn from one another.

Exchange visits

There were six visits between the two dioceses between 1991 and 2000. It has been difficult to arrange exchange visits since 11 September 2001: there have been issues of security for Manchester Christians, and Lahore Christians have found it difficult to obtain visas.

The last visit to Manchester was by Colonel Azim, the Diocese of Lahore’s Director of Education in 2014. He visited six schools in ten days, as well as a Wigan vs Nottingham Forest football match and the semi-finals of the Rugby League year!

In March 2015, a group of Manchester teachers visited Lahore for a series of teaching training sessions. They visited church schools, including St Denys school in the Himalayas which is being rebuilt following arson attacks. The group was humbled by the courage and passion of the school staff that they met.

We also hope to establish links between St James’ CE Primary School in Gorton and a Lahore primary school, and between our two cathedrals.


Lahore Links Group


The Lahore Links Group meets four times a year to discuss and exchange information. It is chaired by the Bishop Chris Edmondson and its vice chair is The Revd Phil Rawlings.

For further information, please contact the group’s Secretary, The Revd Dave Thompson on 0161 797 7652 or at