Making the most of our building

Past – History

All churches and parishes have a history. You might have a very modern building but your community and congregation will have a history and it is important to recognise and celebrate this shared or diverse heritage.

lt is both a benefit and a responsibility to have a historic church and we can offer support and specialist contacts to help you make the most of this for your community as well as those who regularly come to the building.

Present – Maintenance

One of the greatest challenges is the maintenance and safe upkeep of an historic building. There are often very special requirements to preserving important features for future generations but this must often be done at the same time as breathing life into a building. Getting the balance between protecting a building – especially those that are listed – and making it relevant and sustainable is a real challenge but there are a lot of resources to help you do just that.

Future – Linking it to our plans

Having to think about heritage can add a layer of complexity to planning for the future but it can also provide special opportunities. See our Parish Development Planning approach and think how having a heritage dimension in this plan might shape your thinking and offer new ideas and even avenues for funding.

You may want to think about showcasing the important features of the building and even making the most of tourism activities. You may also need to think through visitor welcome, access and safety.

Our Heritage Officer Heather Ford is on hand to help you think through the heritage opportunities and challenges you might face and signpost you to specialist organisations who can save you time, effort and guide you through the processes to make plans become a reality.