Anti-Poverty work

We have a well-established Anti-Poverty Action Group drawn from across the diocese and including key partner organisations. This focuses on issues of poverty in Greater Manchester and beyond. Members recently agreed the following aspirations to guide and give shape to their work:

  • Enough food for all
  • Everyone on a Living Wage
  • Good housing for all
  • Access to education, including lifelong education
  • Employment for those who wish to be employed
  • Fulfilment in employment
  • Properly functioning safety net for the elderly, disabled and unemployed
  • A health and social care service which is free at the point of care
  • Convivial and united communities
  • Access to community and leisure facilities
  • Equitable access to financial and other services.

Our diocesan anti-poverty work will include research, campaigning as well as general awareness raising and managing high-profile practical projects. We will also strive to bring partners together and maximise the resources we already have. We have started to make great strides in enhancing our partnership work.

Anti–poverty partnerships

The Church Urban Fund has set up the Together Network to enhance and develop the anti-poverty related work so that churches can reach even further and change things for the better for people who live with the realities of poverty. The network is made up of partnerships between CUF and dioceses that do the following:

  1. Provide churches with 1-2-1 bespoke support as they develop and deliver new social action initiatives
  2. Run workshops, training and events in order to build people's capacity to take action
  3. Develop local partnerships in order to increase joined-up responses, enable innovative ways of working and ensure people feel supported.

Currently Manchester has not signed up to the Together JNetwork but we have started to explore what this might look like in the Diocese of Manchester.