Values and Vision

What is important to us?

The first step is to work out where you currently are and where you would like to be as a congregation, church or parish. We have developed a very simple tool which should give you a 'snap­ shot' of how things currently look. Contact us to guide you through the questions and interpret the answers.

There are simple guides and factsheets to help you with each part of the process and support available from both officers and senior clergy in the diocese. To start with you will need to think and talk about three very important aspects of your mission - values, vision and views. These will help you take a journey together and arrive safe and happy at the same destination!

Our values – are those ideas or things we want to have or see in our lives more than anything else. They are not tied to just one bit of our experience but run through and guide everything we do - the choices we make and the way we see things.

Our vision – what we think of as the right end result or see as a good thing for us to work towards will shape what we do and how we do it. A lot of projects, groups and activities go awry because people have very different ideas about this end point. It is never a good idea to assume that everyone agrees or even knows what this might look like.

Our views – how we see the world and our perspectives on such things as churchmanship and social issues will shape very much the way we want to do things. There are a myriad of different choices that this can lead to.

If you think poverty is a big issue in your local area you could choose to set up a money advice service as you believe people need to be responsible for their own future. Alternatively you may want to open your doors and encourage local people to come and pray together and share quiet space for spiritual healing in a situation of anxiety and fear. Another approach might be a soup kitchen to deal with those in crisis who need feeding right now. All of these responses are valid and will relate to how you see the world as a group and what kind of activities you will feel comfortable getting involved in together. Choosing which route to take to get where you want to go can be a challenging set of choices.