What can we offer?

What a parish has to offer - whether it is big or small, rich or poor, urban or rural - is the time, knowledge, skills, gifts, talents, enthusiasm, energy and experience of its people. It will invariably have some financial resource, equipment and use of a building. What use it makes of all of this is down to stewardship. 

Stewardship is a term used to describe our responsibility to use all of our resources in a way that reflects our faith, and our understanding that everything we have comes ultimately from God.

We can offer advice and support on stewardship matters tailored to the circumstances of your parish, including:

  • Running effective stewardship campaigns
  • Developing a 'culture' of stewardship
  • Dealing with the issue of talking about money
  • Using stewardship principles to plan for the future
  • Communication principles and strategies in stewardship
  • Developing and implementing a legacy policy
  • How clergy, lay members and PCCs can make a difference
  • Using stewardship resources, and developing your own
  • Preaching and teaching on stewardship 
  • Parish share - questions, issues & how it works.

A quarterly Stewardship newsletter provides thought-provoking articles and comment, as well as news from churches and other organisations. Contact James Emmerson for a copy.

James our Stewardship officer says "It is very easy for PCCs, church wardens, and incumbents to get so involved with what’s going on where they are that they lose sight of the bigger picture. There are a lot of challenges that are commonly faced right across our diocese and we can help each and every church take positive steps forward as we all live out what it means to be one of God's stewards."

James Emmerson, Diocesan Stewardship Officer
Stephen Tranter, Local Ministry Officer