Working with our neighbours

We can help you share and work with your neighbours in many ways, but first it's important to think about two key aspects of working with others.


First, look at your Spotlight profile to find out who your neighbours are and what their faith, lifestyle or issues might be.

You then need to think whether you want to work with your neighbours, offer hospitality or simply become more aware of what your neighbours might want or need.

Your community might not just be those that live or work close by, but might be communities of interest - people who share an experience, interest or circumstance.

Relationship begins when we make some type of connection. Community relationships may start out with short-term shared interests or aims but may grow into long-term more established relationships with evolving and diverse common aspirations and areas of focus. 

Potential partners

If you think you could do so much more by working together with neighbours - be that other faith groups, local organisations or neighbourhoods - the first step is to simply make contact and talk together.

'Building relationships' may make you feel overwhelmed and even a little anxious. There is no easy or right way of building up relationships; it takes time to gain someone's trust and there are no short cuts to learning about each other and how you can work together effectively.

A relationship can develop into a partnership when individuals or organisations come together to try to reach a common goal. This kind of collaboration can bring about something even better than each party could achieve alone. Relationships and partnerships can involve action but they don't have to - it might be just enough for you both to know that the other exists and what you are both about.

If you are working with neighbours from other faiths it is good to find out more about their faith and what your common ground might be. For more information contact Steve Williams our interfaith advisor.

To think about and devise some shared plans, contact Colin Barson, Parish Development Officer.