Writing reports

An easy way to share your achievements is in a report. This could take the form of a newsletter, story or presentation.

There are some very basic things to consider:

  • Include a summary so that people get the message quickly and you grab their attention!
  • Decide if the report will be for information or will influence people.
  • Be clear who the 'reader' will be and use language that they will be comfortable with and a format that they will find attractive.
  • Make use of all the thinking and information you have but don't overload people with too much detail.
  • Have a start middle and end: A simple introduction going back to your initial decisions – the who, what, why etc... the main body of the report and a conclusion that draws everything together.
  • When it has been finished come back and review it after a break and even better share it with someone else to give you a fresh perspective - make sure it makes sense!

For more information and help with this review stage contact Colin Barson or Heather Ford.