Military Funerals

The NW Brigade has issued guidelines for diocesan clergy who are asked to conduct a military funeral.

You will need to make contact with the military Casualty Visiting Officer who has a pivotal role in liaising with the family and arranging the funeral. They will be very useful in explaining the military procedures around in-service death and how military funerals are conducted.

The family has a choice between a private and a service funeral. If the family decides upon a private funeral, you can treat it as you would any other funeral. Military personel will attend the funeral simply as friends of the deceased.

However, if the family decides upon a service funeral, then this is very different and more complex, and will require a lot more time and effort. Careful planning will be required and rehearsals conducted to provide a fitting and dignified service with full military honours.

Guidance on conducting Military Funerals

Carrier Pigeon (Autumn 2010)