Revd Jasmine Devadason at her ordination


All housing issues should be directed to the Property Department here.


Full details are available in the Handbook for Ecclesiastical Office Holders.

Holiday grants may be available from a number of places including here.


Clergy are encouraged to take a retreat every year (usually the inside of a week).


Full details are available in the Handbook for Ecclesiastical Office Holders.


Once the Bishop has confirmed your new position or retirement, you will receive the appropriate paperwork (grant forms/housing details etc) from Church House. The Communications Department will inform The Church Times and list your new status online and in CRUX.


The employment status of clergy means that all stipendiary clergy will need to submit a Tax Return. The Diocese is not able to offer any formal advise on taxation issues. Help is available to stipendiary clergy from taxation specialists who can take the hard work out of completing your Self Assessment Tax Return.

Such companies will complete your tax return, check your coding notice and tax calculation and deal with HM Revenue & Customs on your behalf.
They should be able to advise you on what you can legitimately claim as expenses of office, and give advice on such things as record-keeping. 

Heating, Lighting, Cleaning forms

The annual form is sent to clergy directly by the Church Commissioners and in Manchester the form is returned to the Commissioners. (Please make sure your Tax advisor is involved with this-see above).


All stipendiary clergy in the diocese are generally considered for a Sabbatical of three months, after they have served an initial 10 years as an ordained minister. Subsequent Sabbaticals are generally offered after a further period of 10 years. 

More here 


You should seek professional advice concerning pension issues. EIG and other Companies are available to help. The Church of England Pensions Board may also be able to help on current benefits.

Shaun Farrell, Secretary & Chief Executive Church of England Pensions Board gave a presentation entitled "Pensions and Retirement Housing", at Hartford on 24 September 2007.

A Powerpoint file of his presentation can be downloaded here. (166 KB)

Presentation MP3 file here (8MB)

Questions and Answers MP3 file here (9MB) 


When you near retirement you should speak to the pensions board. The Bishop’s Officer for Retired Clergy and Clergy Widows/ers will also offer help. See here.