Finance Support for PCC Treasurers

The aim of this section is to help our churches to thrive financially, by providing related articles on:

  • Maximising income, by stewardship, fundraising, and maximising property income
  • Financial good practice, including administration, financial controls and governance (see below).

Parish Accounts guidance and templates




The Parish Resources website may be of assistance when preparing your financial statements and arranging an independent examination or audit:

It also holds a range of good quality resources. Particularly recommended are the pages on:


A template for preparing parish accounts on a receipts and payments basis is available to download here.

Parish accounts receipt and payments basis (narrative) - Word document
Parish accounts receipts and payments basis (financial pages) – Excel document

Independent Examiner’s Checklist and Work Programme

A checklist and work programme for your independent examiner to use which will help them complete the examination and ensure they have performed sufficient checks to provide an Independent Exmainer’s Statement.

An example Independent Examiner’s Statement is included in the Parish accounts Word document template above.

Diocesan Fees

New fees and guildelines come into effect in 2015. Download the Diocesan Fees booklet here.