Christian Stewardship is about:

  • encouraging church members to explore their gifts
  • exploring how God might be calling people to become more involved, not just in church but in the community
  • exploring ways to look at increasing the financial giving of the congregations.

Stewardship is also about looking for ideas or resources for Lent Courses or how to start a group for people who want to know more about the Christian faith; exploring the links between work and faith; and issues of faith that affect the elderly or another group within society.

More Information on stewardship.

Useful links

The Archbishop's Council has an excellent website at that contains a whole range of resources to support all aspects of stewardship in the local church. There are pages for those who preach and teach about stewardship, for encouraging giving in the local church, for parish treasurers, Gift Aid secretaries and for those involved in seeking funding for major projects.

The Church of England has some new web pages on dealing with personal debt. Click here.