Collective Worship

Collective worship in Church of England schools must reflect the school’s Trust Deed or ethos statement. Invariably this requires schools to provide worship which is in accordance with Christianity and, in particular, with Anglican practice.

The Board of Education provides guidelines for collective worship and for school self-evaluation of worship.

You can link from this page to web sites providing acts of collective worship for schools. The National Society site is specifically aimed at Church schools, whereas others, such as the Assemblies Website, Culham St Gabriel's and Teachernet are for all.

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Guidelines for collective worship  
School self evaluation of collective worship

In May 2015 the Manchester Diocesan Board of Education approved a policy regarding the rights of parents to withdraw their children from RE and Collective Worship:

Parental right of withdrawal from Collective Worship and/ or Religious Education

Website links

Worship Workshop
Worship Workshop is a project created by the National Society, The Royal School of Church Music (RSCM) and the Liturgical Commission. It aims to empower and enrich the practice of worship in our schools.

The Assemblies website 

Culham St Gabriel's