Key Stage 1 RE

The diocesan syllabus sets out the overview of content for Christianity and other world faiths at Key Stage 1.

Schools must teach Christianity, but governors need to decide whether to teach another religion and which one(s). In making this decision they need to take account of the background of the children in school and the nature of the local community. The DBE advice is that all children in Key Stage 1 need to be introduced to diversity in Britain and to develop ‘respect for all’.

Schools can also link to schemes of work in Christianity and several major world faiths.

Guidance is also given on levels and expectations of pupils’ work to aid teachers plan suitable activities, assess progress and attainment and report on these to parents.

Sample class recording forms based on the schemes of work have been provided so that teachers can quickly note children who are working towards the expectations or going well beyond. Those who are not recorded (probably the majority) can be seen to be meeting expectations. Teachers may need to adapt these forms to reflect the content of their schemes of work and expectations in their school. They may also find the statements useful in reporting to parents. 

Downloadable documents

Syllabus for KS 1 
Christianity schemes of work Y1 
Christianity schemes of work Y2 
World religions schemes of work 
Levels and expectations AT1   
Levels and expectations AT2 

Recording forms (editable Excel documents)

Key Stage 1 Christianity  
Judaism infants  
Islam infants  
Hinduism infants  
Sikhism infants