God and the Big Bang

Project for secondary schools that bridges the gap between science and religious faith

An exciting school project that grew out of a Manchester Diocesan Synod debate on science and religion and a series of trials at our secondary church schools is now available to all secondary schools across the country.

Backed by leading scientists from Durham, Harvard and Cambridge, God and the Big Bang debunks the myth that science and religious faith are incompatible. It provides a valuable opportunity to encourage young people with interests in science or religious studies to explore and learn about matters of science and faith in an exciting, inspirational and engaging way.

The project offers day conferences to secondary schools, academies and sixth form colleges. Each event focuses on a keynote presentation by a distinguished scientist with faith. The topics addressed have included the awesome nature of the universe by Dr Jennifer Wiseman, the origins of life from the Big Bang to present day by Professor John Bryant (University of Exeter), and how the beauty of biology can inspire faith by Dr Ruth Bancewicz (Faraday Institute).

There is also a fun science presentation often involving explosions and illusions, a hands-on science session and a question and answer panel.

Bishop David said “Science and religious faith are firm companions along the way as we journey to understand the universe and our place in it. Having graduated from university with a degree in Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, I am especially delighted to welcome the beginning of this exciting work. It will strengthen our children's education and better prepare them for life in a world where religion and science are both vital dimensions of life.”

To book a God and the Big Bang conference at your school or for more details, please contact Stephanie Bryant, Administrator on 0161 828 1407; 

More information at www.gatbb.co.uk 

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