Manchester Diocesan Board of Education, as the foundation of church schools in the diocese, has considered the implications of the Academies Act 2010. It requires schools to apply for consent from the diocese in order to convert to academy status. The resolution of the school governing body to convert must be presented, in person, to the Board, making clear how the request is founded on:

  1. Securing the interests of the diocese
  2. The best interests of the pupils
  3. The informed resolution of the governing body.

Schools considering converting should seek advice from Maurice Smith.

The following documents give the developing context and guidance for converting to a Church of England academy.

Converting to an Academy
Church of England Academies update 4
National Society Guidance
Becoming an Academy: National Society Guidance
Academies Update – March 2011


On 2 October 2015, Canon Maurice Smith led a discussion on academies with headteachers and chairs of governors from around the Diocese. Here is the PowerPoint he used: Academy Briefing October 2015


Here is the Board of Education’s policy on conversion to academy status: Academies: Policy on a Page