Fit for Mission

Bishop David has set up a programme of work, drawing on a range of people and skills from across and beyond the diocese, to support parishes in mission. Called, Fit for Mission, the programme will:

  • Help each parish and deanery create a Mission Action Plan.
  • Support parishes in finding new ways to work together.
  • Resource clergy and laity appropriately. This will involve a mix of lay and ordained, paid and unpaid people working more collaboratively.
  • Assess whether our church buildings are fit for purpose and, if required, supplement them with newer worship centres for mission and outreach.

The task groups of Re-Imagining Ministry, Mission Units, Buildings and Governance have been busy listening to views from across our diocese and reviewing the support and training we offer, the type of people and skills we will need in the future, mission structures to foster more collaboration across parishes and our committee structures.

The task groups reported to Diocesan Synod in June 2016 and the presentations can be accessed here.

Re-Imagining Ministry
Mission Units


Fit for Mission Training 2016 / 2017

At the archdeaconry roadshows, Bishop David shared his vision for the future and challenged us to start the conversation in our parishes on how we can be Church for a different world. The taster sessions on resourcing young people and children, safeguarding, church in school, heritage buildings and places of welcome were well received.
Building on this, we are offering more training this autumn and in the New Year.

These sessions will help equip us to be Church for a different word. Choose from the following sessions and book online.

Engaging with Children and Young People

Karen Beal and Susie Mapledoram are offering a two-hour session to continue to explore children’s OR young people’s work in your parish and community. The sessions include an hour on children’s OR youth work, a refreshment break and a chance to join together for questions and reflections at the end.

For further information, including dates and venues, and to book your place click here.

Resilience – a practical workshop

Drawing on his book Secrets of Resilient People, John Lees will help you identify, build and protect resilience – in yourself and colleagues. John is a self-supporting priest in the Diocese of Exeter and Bishop’s Officer for Self-Supporting Ministry.

Church House: 30 November

For further information and to book your place, click here.


Help I’ve got a Heritage Building!

Feeling overwhelmed by your church building and constrained by it being listed? This session will challenge what having a listed church means and offer inspiration to get it fit for mission.

For further information, including dates, and to book your place click here.

Church Comms - Making an impact on your parish

If you think communications is all spin and Twitter trolls, then think again. How does the Bible encourage us to interact within the church and out into our communities? Where are we present and visible, and what impression do people get of God from encountering us? A practical day, with theology and tips that you will give you fresh ideas and a plan for your church.

Church House: 7 November

For further information, and to book your place click here.


Magazine design and layout

The principals of good design including, white space, typeface, colour and use of photographic image.

Church House: 25 November
Cost: £20 including lunch

For further information, and to book your place click here.


How to given an effective presentation

In essence, this is similar to a public speaking course and key topics include understanding and engaging your audience, making an impact, conquering nerves, and the power of voice and projection.

Church House: 21 November
Cost: £65 including lunch

For further information, and to book your place click here.


How can we be Church for a different world?

Bishop David is leading a conversation across the dicoese on how the Church can better make its message of God’s love heard. Recognising that the modern world is a noisy place in which it can be difficult to get noticed, he is challenging his Church to become ‘Church for a different world’.

The vision of the Diocese of Manchester is to be a worshipping, growing and transforming Christian presence at the heart of every community. Its core message of faith, hope and love is as relevant today as it’s ever been. But Bishop David asks the question: “How do we need to change to make the Church of today be the Church of tomorrow?”

Bishop David has taken his message to a series of roadshows across the diocese to get the conversation started. 

How do we need to be different?

Bishop David says “Our mission is to make our message of God’s love heard amidst the noise of the modern world. We want to reach out to individuals and communities across our diocese, and engage them in a new conversation that’s absolutely relevant in their lives. We are people who long both to see and to make a difference in God’s world. At the same time we recognise that the world itself is constantly changing - therefore the way we deliver our message and engage people needs to keep changing too.

“How might we need to adapt to make the most of the opportunities to grow in the modern world? And how do we help make a different and better world?”

Starting a conversation

Recognising that the diocese faces challenges including a reduction in the number of people in church each week, fewer suitable worship spaces and a smaller national number of deployable clergy, the diocese wants to grasp the opportunities to change and to better equip itself to flourish. It is asking everyone to get involved in this conversation and to help shape the future on issues such as:

- Delivering church
- Addressing social injustice
- Nurturing people
- Spreading spirituality
- Transforming community

By looking critically at these areas and reimagining some of the ways it does things, the diocese wants to become a resilient, focused and relevant Church for a different world.

From June, the conversations will start on social media using the diocese’s channels on Twitter: @DioManchester and Facebook: Church of England (Diocese of Manchester –official).


Click here for Church for a different world resources to support your church