Fit for Mission Steering Group

Bishop’s Council established the Fit for Mission Steering Group, which is charged with delivering change under the overall policy and vision of the governance bodies of the diocese. 

The Fit for Mission Steering Group comprises: Bishops David, Chris and Mark, Archdeacon Cherry Vann, Canon Phillip Blinkhorn (chair of the DBF), Revd Andrea Jones, Yvonne Mackereth and Martin Miller (Diocesan Secretary). In order to provide external challenge, the Chief Executive of Bolton at Home Housing Association, Jon Lord, is also a member.

The Fit for Mission Steering Group will co-ordinate the work of three cross-cutting task groups. The task groups will examine future requirements for patterns of ministry and frontline mission units, and with carry out a strategic review of our buildings. These groups will make recommendations to Bishop’s Council and Diocesan Synod.