Completing your assessment

Having finished the learning package, please complete the last questions of the assessment.

Please answer the following questions by putting a ring round the correct answer on the answer sheet given to you by your child protection officer. When you have completed all 10 questions return the answer sheet to the officer for marking.

Question 9

You have been through this course and are now concerned that your home church is not following proper procedures and guidelines. What do you do?

a. Raise it with the vicar
b. Phone the police
c. Don’t worry – others will sort this out when it comes to be reviewed

Question 10

Having done this course, is it clear to you who you can talk to if you have a concern?

a. Yes
b. No

If No, please talk to your incumbent or Child Protection Officer to get the confidence you need to know what you need to do! Remember this is not the end of our learning but the basics.

Please now hand your completed answer sheet to your Child Protection Officer (or send by email) so they can confirm you have completed the course successfully.

We are all continuing to learn in this area and can learn from each other.