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For the past three years, the Bishop of Manchester has announced Church for a Different World awards in recognition of churches that are reaching out to their communities in new and innovative ways. We hope churches will be encouraged by hearing from one another about new ideas they can try.

In October 2019 Bishop David announced 11 Church for Different World awards that celebrate how churches across Greater Manchester and Rossendale are changing to meet the needs of their communities by providing welcoming spaces and championing the needs of communities, many of which are in deprived areas.

The current awards demonstrate how churches are at the heart of the communities they serve, providing welcoming spaces, places of belonging and events for the wider community. The outworking of Christian faith is demonstrated in many ways, from the provision of lunch and breakfast clubs, social spaces and activities for young and older people, a rural Post Office in a church, innovative forms of prayer and worship, and makeovers for churchyards that involve the whole community.

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