Diocese of Manchester

Dr David Walker, Bishop of Manchester

It’s an amazing privilege for me to be the bishop of the diocese in which I was born and brought up, and to be able to offer something back to the community that gave me my faith, my core values and many of the skills that have helped me through my life. As diocesan bishop I get to be the public face of the Church of England in the Manchester area and its surrounds, and to be an ambassador for the place of faith and belief in public life.

Manchester is one of the largest dioceses in England in terms of its population. I work with a highly talented and experienced team, in which I take a particular responsibility for helping us to discover the future into which God wants to lead us. I like asking questions and hearing the insights of those who share my passion for Manchester and its church. I believe that it is through that process of careful listening and speaking that we are most likely to correctly discern the voice of God.

I’m expected to take a good share of leadership in the National Church. I have significant responsibilities for the investment of the Church’s money and how it is invested according to ethical principles. I also chair work on monastic communities and help with issues around ordained and other formal ministries. I contribute to the wider wellbeing of Manchester through chairing the Police Ethics Committee and the Wythenshawe Community Housing Group as well as through many informal meetings with leaders in different walks of life.

Ian Jorysz

Senior Chaplain to the Diocesan Bishop

Address: Bishopscourt,
Bury New Road,
M7 4LE

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