Church bells to toll and prayers said across England as nation enters mourning

First published on: 9th September 2022

Church bells are expected to be tolled across England today following the announcement of the death of Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. 

Parish churches, chapels and cathedrals are being encouraged to toll their bells and open for prayer or special services following the announcement from Buckingham Palace.
Guidance from the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers recommends tolling bells for one hour from noon.

General guidance for parish churches on marking the passing of the Sovereign, which is available online, also contains advice on flying flags at half-mast and opening books of condolence.

Liturgies for official Commemorative Services and special prayers will also be made available.

The death of the Sovereign is one of the rare occasions when fully muffled bells are sounded – a technique to create an echo by fitting pads to both sides of the bell clapper.

More detailed guidance on bell ringing will be available from the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers (CCCBR).

Meanwhile parishes with flagpoles are advised to fly flags at half-mast until the day after the funeral of Her Late Majesty, other than for a period following the proclamation of the new King

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