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Parish Employment

The Human Resources team can advise parishes on employment issues, particularly when you are putting together proposals for employing new people, or reviewing how you use your available resources.

Many parishes within the diocese have employees to help them with their mission. These include administrators, secretaries, youth and children’s workers, community workers and caretakers. In addition the Church of England is resourced by the loyal commitment of volunteers.

The employment of staff, and the use of volunteers, can at times seem complex. We can help you understand what your legal obligations are, direct you to sources of advice and develop best practice.

We advise parishes that employ people in any capacity to purchase a current copy of “The Employers Handbook” by Barry Cushway published by Kogan Page.

If you are in a situation where you think you are moving towards a dispute with an employee (including job applicants and former employees) or there has been an accident you should always contact your insurer (or their legal helpline). Even if you think it is unlikely to escalate it is important to keep them informed.

Employment contacts:
Lauren Cooke

Lauren Cooke

Human Resources Adviser

Address: Church House,
90 Deansgate,
M3 2GH

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