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What is Fit for Mission?

Fit for Mission is the process to support Manchester Diocese to become a Church For A Different World and to realise our vision of being “A worshipping, growing and transforming Christian presence at the heart of every community”.

Facing the reality of falling clergy numbers nationwide, and buildings that can be a burden on our human and financial resources, can we meet the challenge to do things differently in the years ahead, and so flourish as a worshipping, growing and transforming Christian presence at the heart of every community?

Two of our clergy from North Manchester discuss the Fit for Mission programme in their context: changing clergy roles and new opportunities for team working in the deanery based on building relationships and trust.

What progress has been made?

In 2016 the diocese outlined its vision at a series of Archdeaconry Roadshows, and shared resources to help us become Church For a Different World.

Since then our two MAP Officers have been busy responding to requests from parishes and deaneries for help with Mission Action Planning. Four deaneries are piloting Fit for Mission with the support of Church House officers. These are Ashton, Deane, North Manchester and Salford. 

The diocese has appointed a Fit for Mission Programme Manager, a Director of Vocations, and the Resource Church is up and running. We are offering Collaborative Ministry Accreditation to encourage individuals, congregations and parishes to work well together to carry out God’s call to mission. 

Where are we up to?

An update on Fit for Mission: progress in the last 12 months, pilot deaneries and a case study from Withington.

Flyer June 2017

The importance of Mission Action Plans

Mission Action Planning is a vital underpinning component of Fit for Mission, it is not a separate activity. Every parish and deanery within the Diocese of Manchester is expected to develop a MAP by November 2018. The investment of time and energy in producing a MAP is of great value and is already helping to develop a clear picture of what resources and support are required to resource mission.

Read Bishop David's letter on the importance of MAP sent to each parish in March 2018.

The future

Decisions on your future need to be made together and it’s important that we trust one another. There may be some difficult conversations to be had, but it’s important to move forward together. If deaneries struggle to engage with the process, the diocese will step in to assist and suggest possible ways forward.

Your archdeacon and Church House officers are available to help you develop your ideas. 

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