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“I remember I saw you at the induction talks two years ago, and you said we could come and talk to you anytime…” The words of a young man who came to see me one afternoon when life had become really hard and he didn’t know quite where to turn.
Chaplains and students and university

Every October, our university chaplains are out and about meeting the many thousands of young people, as well as mature students, who are arriving on university campuses around the country.

They try to be available to everyone, a living part of the community they serve, and a prophetic voice that can challenge, comfort and inspire.

Chaplain Kim Wasey said, "For people who already have faith we offer prayer and worship, a place of community to nurture their faith and to engage with the opportunities and challenges to faith which studying can bring. For those who are wondering about faith and spirituality, we provide support and encouragement, a place to try things for the first time, and a safe space to explore and ask life’s big questions. And for those of no faith, we seek to be an open and hospitable presence, offering help and support, particularly at times of difficultly such as bereavement, redundancy or the breakdown of a relationship."

In Manchester Diocese there are Higher Education chaplains at Bolton, Manchester, and Salford Universities. We are particularly committed to multi-faith work, especially in these times when sadly we hear more about what divides than unites people of world faiths, and when young people are seen as vulnerable to negative influences of various kinds. 

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