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Mission Action Planning

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Mission Action Planning is in essence a very simple tool.

It involves looking at the current situation in your church and the community you serve, prayerfully developing a vision for where the church wants to get to and then developing some priority actions to move that way.

Mission Action Planning remains a key tool for churches across the diocese and a key element of the diocesan strategy. Any good plan is a living document and will need regular review and update. Most churches review progress on their MAP at every PCC meeting, perhaps have a more substantial review annually and have create a new plan every three to four years.

The Covid pandemic has paused most church activities and there are many unknowns about the future. Our priorities will probably be different than they were but a realistic, challenging and appropriate Mission Action Plan will be essential as we move forward. Most churches will want to have a new Mission Action Plan in 2021 as we begin to discern what God is calling us to after, or as we live with Covid. 


Here you will also find a MAP template to, a sample MAP to give some ideas of the sort of thing you might include and the toolkit which includes many useful ideas to help when you are updating your MAP. 

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