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Would a Mission Action Plan help you focus your activity?
Mission Action Planning is as a process to help churches develop a clear strategy for progressing God’s plan. 

Mission Action Planning is a vital underpinning component of Fit for Mission. Every parish was asked to develop a Mission Action Plan (MAP) by November 2018, and there has been an incredibly good response to this request. The investment of time and energy in producing a MAP is of great value and is already helping to develop a clear picture of what resources and support are required to resource mission. Thank you to parishes that submitted their MAP on time. 

Deaneries MAPs should be completed by the end of March 2019.

If you require help completing your MAP, please contact the MAP Officer at map@manchester.anglican.org


The next phase is the most difficult – to make the plan a reality! Many churches find it helpful to use the activity plan as the basis of their PCC agenda and keep updating it as progress is made and the next steps are identified. 

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Diocesan resources are designed to help churches at all levels – parishes, teams, deaneries – discern what God is calling them to be, and plan activities over months or years to achieve their vision. The resources to help churches and deaneries develop their Mission Action Plans are available to download below.

As well as the PCC Guide, Parish Guide, Deanery Guide and Toolkit to help you develop your Mission Action Plan, there are real guides, people at Church House and in deaneries who can support you through the process.

For more information or help getting started with your parish MAP, please contact Revd Canon Andy Salmon 07436 532408 or email map@manchester.anglican.org.

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Bishop's Letter

Bishop David has written to every parish, explaining the importance of developing a MAP by November 2018.

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